Type O boots


Disclaimer: These pages are for Type O Negative die-hards who want every single bit of music. No commercial background, just a list, not an advertisement.

With increasing popularity, the amount of illegal CDs (bootlegs) also increases. On this page the known bootlegs (to me):

Since the upcoming CD copying on CDR, a few bootlegs have been made by some creative souls. They consist of live concerts, odd stuff and unauthorized remixes. They are sold on eBay for ridiculous prices. HANDS OFF ! ! ! ! The most infamous:

These CDRs are listed here as a warning! Don't pay more than $10 for them!! Thanks to lestat

I'm getting really sick of the amount of bootleg CDRs sold on eBay for ridiculous prices. That's gotta stop. So I offer you hereby a (almost) free copy of the above bootlegs marked with an *. If you send me 2 blank CDRs of extra capacity (80 minutes) I'll return 1 of those to you with the bootleg of your choice with a full color copy of front and back cover with a maximum of 3 bootlegs (sorry but I've got more requests than my burner and free time can take). E-mail to living@groundzero-brooklyn.com for the address...(that's in the Netherlands)

This idea was brought up to me by Jesus, you could e-mail him if you want a copy of the October 4th show (1999!!) but he got to much requests so he asked if I would remove his e-mail addy.

If you know of other boots or the ones I don't have, please mail me the title, track listing and further info like the price, please! We could also trade, I've got some interesting stuff to swap...and I also would like to trade CDR copies!

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