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Everything Dies will be released as a CD single (at least overhere in Europe) on 22 November 1999 Including a bonus track called "12 Black Rainbows" and the video for Everything Dies as enhanced track!! (The video was turned down by eMpTyV for being too depressive, hehe)

Don't pay too much on eBay! Get it here for a mere $8 (yes, thats right $8 (not including p & p)
And while we're at it you can buy your Carnivore albums (the originals!!) on line at PLATO's. Just type "Carnivore" in the empty box at the bottom of the page and press "Enter" on your keyboard. Don't you just love the Dutch record shops? I know I do!


  • 1) Everything Dies (edit)
  • 2) 12 Black Rainbows (download it here)
  • 3) Everything Dies (album version)
  • 4) Video Everything Dies (view it here)
If you want it very bad and don't want to spend too much on eBay check this out
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Better news for the European visitors, the European tourdates are here!!!
TYPE O NEGATIVE in-store and signing

Virgin Union Square NYC on 9/21 at 7pm for the day of the release of their new album WORLD COMING DOWN.

USA is coming down...(dates added) and after that some trips to the Far East and Down Under and than it's back to Europe for the Millennium. What will Y2K bring? Death, doom and destruction or just another US tour? We'll see
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Summer Breeze is coming to Europe in 1999...or is it not?? It seems the OzzFest in London is cancelled or postponed. SHIT!

August 14
London (UK)
Earls Court OzzFest CANCELLED!
August 15
London (UK)
Earls Court OzzFest CANCELLED!
August 21
Dresden (D)
Junge Garden Doomsday Festival 1999
August 22
Köln (D)
Butzweiler Hof Bizarre Festival

World Coming Down is set to be released on 21-SEP-1999 Tracks:

Type O Negative will be on the European OzzFest'99 tour
First dates confirmed are 14 & 15 August, London (UK)

Apparently there has been a change in new album title. Roadrunner has it listed as "World Coming Down"!?!? Guess Peter just tells them a bunch nice stories...
Well, it seems they got it right! World Coming Down is the title...as always subject to change...just like the following song titles... To be released end of August 1999...more to come...

The latest from Roadrunner:

           TYPE O NEGATIVE are set to record the follow-up to their 1996 release
           OCTOBER RUST. In preparation for the recording of this work, Peter Steele
           retreated to Iceland for inspiration. The band will begin the recording process
           in January and plan to release this much-anticipated work during the summer
           of 1999. Titles being considered for the record are "The Profits of Doom,"
           "Thirteen Thirteen" and "Aggroculture". The lyrical themes that will run
           through the tracks have more to do with personal struggle and tragedy
           (relationship, addictions & loss of loved ones) and somewhat less to do with
           women and religion, as was the case with TYPE O's previous albums, "Bloody
           Kisses" and "October Rust". Steele's musical goals this time out are to
           produce a more riff-oriented, less chord-oriented record that is less layered
           and produced. He will draw on his long-favored Melodic / Doom / Retro
           atmospheres, with noted audible influence from The Beatles, Black Sabbath
           and The Doors.

The story continues....the new album
It will not be called "Aggroculture" nor "Bleed For Me" but it will be: "Profits of Doom". . .at least that is what my sources tell me

Live performance !
October 30
Boston, MA
The Roxy REVIEW Halloween show, hoisted by WAAF 107.3 FM
October 31
Philly, PA
The Trocadero REVIEW
November 5
New York, NY

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