Aaaahh... Formed during the late 1970's, when disco reigned supreme in their native Brooklyn, Fallout laid the foundation for what would later become the mayhem of Carnivore and ultimately Type O Negative. Featuring a line up of Peter Steele, Josh Silver, Louie Bateaux and John C., Fallout sounded like a dangerous mixture of Black Sabbath and Deep Purple.
Fallout's songs dealt with many of the same themes that were featured on Carnivore's first album. "Under the Wheels"-suicide on the subway tracks, "Fallout"-basic nuclear destruction, "Rock Hard"-a lovely little number about a boy who just couldn't let go of his dead girlfriend (nothing like a little necrophilia!) and "Batteries not Included" were among the Fallout arsenal. With the financial help of Josh's family, Fallout was able to produce a 7" single of "Rock Hard" and "Batteries not Included" on Silver Records in 1981. This single remains a much sought after collectors item to this day. A Fallout show was utter madness with a hooded and baseball bat wielding Josh ending each performance with the smashing of his keyboards.

When Fallout broke up in 1982, Peter an Louie formed Carnivore while Josh and John formed Original Sin, fronted by Cheryl Alter....sister of Debbie Alter (whose background singing is featured on several Type O Negative CD's). Original Sin also had a single released on Silver Records, "Penalty of Love" and "Already Gone" had a more commercial sound than Fallout. In the late 1980's both bands broke up and Sub-Zero, eventually Type O Negative, formed, re-uniting Peter and Josh, they also wanted John to play guitar but other obligations prevented him from re-joining the lads. The rest as they say is history

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