My Girlfriend's Girlfriend

Was released in Europe on August 5, in the US only radiostations received it.

The CDsingle has a somewhat adult-only cover, read below or see here

Subject: New Type-O Single: My Girlfriends Girlfriend
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 02:40:25 -0800
From: Cock Smooch 
Organization: Smiley Industries

The new Type-O album is cuming out very soon.  It's called October
Rust.  I've heard a sampler tape at it rocks!!!!  The first single is
gonna be called My Girlfriends Girlfriend.  The cover of the single is
Pete with porn stars Shane and Madilyn Night.  It was shot by
underground film maker Richard Kern, who did a bunch of work with
Marilyn manson.  The single is being released the same day as the next
issue of porno mag DiRTY which will have the same cover as the single.
The mag is gonna also have a pictorial from the shot, where Shane
actually blew Pete.  SHe told us that "Well, his dick was there and it
was so big and looked so yummy I just had to give it a whirl! 
My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
Black Sabbath (from the satanic perspective)
Blood and Fire

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