The Type O Negative discography


Some pre-Type O Negative/Peter Steele stuff

» Slow Deep and Hard
»Unsuccesfully coping... promo CD single

» The Origin of the Feces

» Bloody Kisses
»Bloody Kisses promo
»Black No. 1 promo CD single
»Christian Woman CD single

» The Origin of the Feces re-release

» Bloody Kisses Digi-Pack release
»Black No. 1 promo CD single Digi-Pack
»Nativity In Black A Tribute To Black Sabbath
»Summer Breeze promo CD single
»Mortal Kombat Soundtrack
»Descent II Video Game CD-ROM

» October Rust
»My Girlfriend's Girlfriend CD single
»Love You To Death CD single
»In Praise of Bacchus promo CD single
»Cinnamon Girl CD single

» Side projects
»Pictures of Matchstick Men Duet with Ozzy Osbourne on Howard Stern's Private Parts sountrack
»Go to sleep on the "Songs of the WITCHBLADE". Peter Steele in duet with Kat Bjelland of Babes in Toyland

» World Coming Down (1999)
»Everything Dies Promo
»Everything Dies CD single
»Everyone I Love is Dead Promo

» Side project(2000)
»Iommi Peter sings on the solo album of Tony Iommi (You need to ask who's that? Get a life!!)

» Least Worse of Type O Negative (2000)
»Clean Version The "clean" version
»Dirty Version The "dirty" version
I decided not to list all the occurrences on the various samplers and soundtracks, unless there's some original stuff there like on the Howard Stern piece (uh huh he wrote piece)

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