Interviews with your favourite artists: Type O Negative

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Most of these interviews were typed by fellow Type O fans on the Type O Negative mailinglist. Your thanks should go out to them!

Date With Source Read
Mar 1994 Peter RAW magazine text
Nov 1994 Josh Meat Magazine text
Feb 1995 Josh & Peter Aquarian Weekly text
Feb 1995 Kenny Rock Central text
Mar 1995 Peter Alternative Press text
Mar 1995 Peter Live Wire text
Mar 1995 Peter Seconds text
Apr 1995 Peter eye WEEKLY text
May 1995 Peter Live Wire text
May 1995 Peter & Kenny Guitar School text
Jun 1995 Peter WATT text translated
Jul 1995 Peter Live Wire text road story
Jul 1995 Peter Metal Hammer text
Aug 1995 Peter PlayGirl text
Oct 1995 Peter Kerrang text
Nov 1995 Josh Primal Chaos text
??? 1996 Peter & Kenny ? ? ? ? text
??? 1996 Peter ? ? ? ? text
??? 1996 Peter internet ? text
Aug 1996 Peter Did it herself text
Sep 1996 Peter DePaulia text
Sep(?) 1996 Peter Lubbock Avalanche journal text
Sep 1996 Josh Gallery of Sound text
Oct 1996 Peter & Kenny Guitar World text
Dec 1996 Peter Kerrang text
Dec 1996 Peter Metal Edge text
Dec 1996 Peter Black Moon text
Dec 1996 John Did it herself text
Jan 1997 Peter OOR text translated
Feb 1997 Peter & Josh Live Wire text
May 1997 Peter & John Did it myself text
Jul 1997 Josh Side Line text
Dec 1997 Josh Circus text
That makes 33 of them

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