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Led by Peter Steele, Brooklyn's Type O Negative arose from the ashes of the legendary apocalyptic barbarians Carnivore. In the wake of their first releaseSlow, Deep and Hard, Type O Negative was simultaneously critically acclaimed and reviled. Despite Steele's continuing controversies, many may be alienated or unable to grasp the current universe of sadness and pain that has matured out of Carnivore's primal screen.

With Bloody Kisses, Type O Negative have finally produced an album which truly reflects the soul of the band in its dark mirror of sound. In contrast with Type O's first album, Bloody Kissesis "based more on sadness and loneliness, whereas the first album was based on anger," states Steele. Myriad levels of songwriting and lyrical inspiration have found their fullest expression to date on the new album, which realms beyond both Slow, Deep and Hard and 1992's "live" mini album Origin of the Feces. Weaving through an array of styles, Bloody Kisses is held together by an ominous, heavy, psychedelic force. Try picturing the Beatles reanimated as Black Sabbath with Lurch on vocals...at every step of the way, the album confounds previous conceptions and expectations.

At once freed from the constraints of their past and determined to cross all barriers that lie ahead, Steele's heathen world view continues to seek its most willful assertion. Where others will only allude and proffer cowardly deceptions, Type O Negative unflinchingly reveals the truth, free of all sugary sentiments and pleasantries. Do you dare to look it squarely in the face, even if it means seeing a reflection of yourself?
Love, hatred, carnal pleasures, strife, blood and death. Life. The history of the world rests on survival of the fittest, the natural selection of those with the ability to seize reality and impose themselves upon it. With Bloody Kisses, Type O Negative ascends to the next plateau of their evolutionary imperative.

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